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Landscape Lighting

Install and Repair
We have an amazing team of technicians who can install and repair LED lights on your property.
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When you have a beautiful landscape, it should be displayed around the clock, including at night. This is why it is important to make sure that you have the right landscape lighting. With proper lighting, you will be able to enhance the beauty of your landscape and extend its functionality late into the night. In Johns Island, SC, we are the leading landscaping company and we will provide you with quality landscape lighting install and repair services. If you have invested in your landscape, then you should strive to get the maximum benefits from the same. We have an amazing team of technicians who can install and repair LED lights on your property.

Adding landscape lighting to your landscape and hardscape can transform your property significantly. We have low voltage outdoor lighting that we will use to light up your yard in the evenings. As a full-service landscaping company, we have the capacity to handle all your outdoor lighting needs. Our technicians know the different types of lights that can be used to complement your landscape. When you choose to have lights in your outdoor space, you will increase the safety of your property and make more use of it. Most people have a lot of outdoor living space which can be used even at night, with proper lighting.

When you need landscape lighting, we will work with you to ensure that we have the systems that are perfect for you. You can choose the volt that is ideal for you and the good news is that our technicians will help you make the right decision.

Landscape Lighting installation

There are many people who feel limited in terms of the type of plants and features that they can have on their property. This is due to a number of factors like soil erosion. We have a team of experts that is committed to making sure that your ground is covered and this paves way for any type of landscaping. We know the right type of mulches to use and in most cases, we will use hardwood mulch as it has the capacity to conserve moisture.

Landscape Lighting Repair

If you already have lighting for your landscape, then you must have experienced the beauty of it. There comes a time when the lights may be faulty and not working as required. We are the best contractors who can fix any type of landscape lighting and restore it to a working state. There are many issues that may affect your lights and our technicians will diagnose and fix the lights in a short while. If your lights need to be replaced, we will let you know and recommend the right lighting systems.

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Landscaping is our specialty and we have a wide range of services that we can offer. When you need landscape lighting installation and repairs, you can trust us to give you the best. Contact us today to discuss the details of the lighting of your property.